Sensing and Sensuality conference gifts

Recently at the school I go to (Umea institute of Design), we held a conference called "Sensing and Sensuality". For the speakers our class made some fake future devices, named them, came up with stories, packaged them and gave them out at the end of the talks. I think people liked them alright, except maybe the unfortunate person who got the 'CRUMPTER'.

SIMIAN HUMOUR REGULATOR: In the year 2052, apes have become very intelligent and can learn human languages. They normally work in large assembly plants as they are cheaper than robots. Their sense of humor hasn't developed yet and causes a lot of pain for the humans who manage them. This device can be used to regulate their humor in outlandish ways.

RATION EXTENDER: Given away by the world government as a way to duplicate small amounts of food. It was scrapped in 2044 due to people duplicating things other than food, and people selling them instead of using them to help their village.

SINEWAVE POLLINATOR: In the year 2012, all the bees were gone and that caused a lot of problems. This device sends out specific sinewaves that can pollinate trees, flowers, anything that needs pollination.

Here are all 12 of the devices boxed. The story is that they are all black market products sold by someone who aquires and tinkers with things.

The rest of the devices, and descriptions, can be found here


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