Night Horses was an obscure toyline from 1989-1990. Never very successful in the U.S., they found a small cult following in northern Sweden. Three series were produced - unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the third series. The story goes that in the future, horses have gained "insane" knowledge and power using the forbidden "HENDERSON" graph (you can kind of see the graph behind the horses).

The slogan that apparently failed to drive the kids crazy was "POWERFUL MASTERS FROM THE FUTURE WITH THE STRENGTH OF A HORSE AND THE MIND OF A MAN"...The third series, which is very hard to find, featured "fiercely loyal unicorns with insane firepower". Basically they had guns, instead of horns, on their foreheads. I'll get pics up of those soon. But anyway, here are series 1, and 2 of the NIGHT HORSES:

KID COLORADO (the romantic renegade) & ZEBRAXUS (the lonely tourist)

JONESY (the curious worker) & LAKRITS (the perverted prince)

7.72 (the star-born stallion) & HOSS DIXON (the forbidden negotiator)



  1. Ow man! I had Jonesy! awesome to see these guys still around!

  2. Colorado Kid can't tell time...

  3. you know this is just begging for a facebook quiz "which night horse are you?"