Degree show

Since the subject material is fairly scary to most people (growing meat and printing food), I tried to keep the visuals and the way I presented my work pretty light. For the poster that we were required to have at school, I chose to print it off white and just hand draw everything on there. I was so tired while drawing it I didn't worry so much about having to get it right in one shot. In order to unify all of the objects that I made, I made some laser cut place mats and wrote descriptions on them with a sharpie. Also, it didn't seem right to have one of those 'DON'T TOUCH' signs up, so I didn't put one up. One model has been broken though (the ultimate tortilla dipper that you'll see later). If people were interested in the work, I made some little matchbook style booklets that they could take. The original booklet was written on a typewriter that didn't have a working space bar or @ symbol (to explain the underscores and the hand drawn @). So far the show has gone great and people seem pretty interested. A lot of people are completely disgusted, but that's good because we can talk for a while about that.


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