RFID Radio

For this system, you would have a speaker with an rfid reader, and laser-cut paper radios with rfid chips inside. The radios themselves are designed by musicians, charities, brands, and designers. When the paper radio is placed over the speaker it changes the radio station to what the artist has chosen. Other noises and interactions can be programmed in too. Alec Baldwin's radio for example could politely ask everyone to turn their lights off from time to time. People could have the paper radios around their house in different rooms. The supremes radio might be a better living room station. This system tries to add a little bit of fun to internet radio, and give people a connection with the artists they choose. The radios themselves would hopefully be cheap and collectible little sculptures, each one accessing unique stations.

some of the laser-cut radios
the rfid tagged radios slide over a speaker with an rfid reader

the radios would be designed by musicians, charities, politicians, artists, anyone that people would want to have as a radio station host


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  1. RFID "Rocks"... but then again,
    so do the B-52's!