"city clocks" (working title) aka christmas presents

For Christmas I'm making these clocks- each one features the times at two cities that fit together in some way.  This is the first one I did, it features Detroit and Torino- the motor cities.  Since I've been making a lot of paper box type things lately I thought I could make them pretty quickly.

The clocks actually work thanks to some cheap parts from the IKEA next door.  I really wish that I had access to a laser-cutter like in Umea, but it's a fun, different kind of concentration hand cutting everything.   There are going to be about 5 of these clocks in total, so there's a lot to do tomorrow.  I'm planning on painting the hands different colors also, in the Detroit-Torino clock the hands will be black/green.  A lot more to come tomorrow!

The second clock is done now, this is a quick picture of it.  Kokata (formerly Calcutta) and Cincinnati- The Bengal Cities.


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