Lost artifacts from "Food and the Future of it"


This was used as a prop in some of my Food and the Future of it presentations.  The communication device was used to control most of the food printers/makers/producers.  You can see in the bottom picture two sort of rounded triangle shapes on the back.  The idea was that you could use them as extra controls for the device by moving your fingers over them.  In the top picture you see me using it to program some eggs that I want to be made.  It's a shame that I didn't do more with it, it was a full-scale model with a lot of different screens and covers...Currently it is resting somewhere down in the interaction lab in Umeå.
Above is the first Genetically modified fruit model that I made.  It was named "Caped Owl".  I gouged out the apple with a (new) clay tool, put the split strawberry inside, snapped a photo then ate it.  The Hendersson Apple ended up being the one that I went with due to the Caped Owl's strange gaze.

Above you can see some of my rough drafts.  The first "printed eggs" looked a lot like poker chips.I found this picture and liked it because it showed more of a side angle of the printed eggs.  Devo egg in full view this time.

Some early ideas for homemade (home-printed) sandwich materials.  From top to bottom: The Knorr Sauce Slice- solid sauce that becomes liquid when you rip a small edible cover from the top of it...Rosenthal's Tomato Slices- bread sized tomato slices...Peas on a Blanket- peas that are connected to each other...Thermal Toast- thin flexible bread that does an excellent job of keeping the warm from influencing the cold ingredients.

Above you can see some printed pasta concepts.  The first is pasta printed as sort of sci-fi Mr. Potato head parts.  You would cook a potato for a while, then when it's half done, stick the pasta arms, legs, and head(s) on.  Then you would boil the rest of it.  The picture on the bottom shows "ravioli in jail"- not one of the best ideas.


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