Design Culinaire

I need to get some pics up of the actual book in my hands, but Design Culinaire is out and has some of my Food project inside of it.  It's all in French, but has a ton of cool projects.  You can get it here.


Design Fancy part 6 coming soon

Right now I'm writing the new Design Fancy for Core.  I'm really late on this one so I'm trying to make it good- last time I tried to get the story to fit into a theme a little bit more and had a good time doing it.  Hoping for the same sort of thing this time.  If you have any little details you want me to throw in, let me know.

Pictures from the last one-


Cheap Synth sketch

I want to make some cheap synths, like the Korg Monotron.  This is a quick sketch of the first one I'm thinking about.  You push the button on the back and the hood lifts up and down- like a physical wah pedal. The hood would have to be pretty light weight.  This thing would sell for like $39.99...There would be about 8 in the series, each one with a little twist to it- a little personality in both the functionality and the colors.



The Balloon wars of Boston

For years there's been a secret, unspeakable war in the Greater Boston area. It has everything to do with balloons. In the 1960's balloons got popular in Somerville and Medford as the kids would buy them, blow them up, and pop them to try and scare older people and animals. This tradition is still going strong today. One store bucked the trend, and invented balloons that wouldn't make a loud sound when popped. The place was called LORD'S BALLOON DESIGNER (seen below). Kids would go here for their balloons if their parents wouldn't let them have the loud ones. The kids would carry them around like everyone else- they just wouldn't try to scare anyone.
On the other side of the coin is 666-RENT, or TAYLOR RENTAL. These guys made the loudest balloons in town. They were called "rippers", or "boompops".
Finally there was BALLOON BOSS. In the 60's this place was famous for their large sized rippers, but now mostly specialize in small, easy to inflate balloons. These "pocket rippers" are the most popular balloons out there right now. Much more coming on this soon- pictures of the balloons, everything. Just wanted to get you guys in on this. More soon.




I've been wanting to make this sci-fi movie for a long time, and every once and a while I come across something that inspires me to start thinking about it again.  And when I say "make sci-fi movie" I mean storyboard it.  Anyway, this comes from www.dawn-ng.com, where it lives with a bunch of cool projects.



Taglieri project finished and headed for NYC

After a few months and a lot of help, the Taglieri project is done.  I'd like to give a sincere thanks to Natalie Freed at Arizona State University for scanning the original board for me, and Nacho Mendez in Palo Alto for milling out the new board.  The board is being shown at 400 Square Feet Later, Cite Goes America in New York.  Really excited to be in the show and send me an email if you're going to be at ICFF.  Here are some quick shots of the finished piece. It's named after the person that created the original wear pattern- my Girlfriend's Grandma, Dosolina.



New Design Fancy is up

The new Design Fancy is up right now at Core, this time it's about designer/astronaut Berit Kalmar.  I was in San Francisco when I wrote this one and was feeling pretty good so I hope you guys like it.



My uncles and I making music in lake Michigan

Actually this is Hermeto Pascoal e Grupo. Found this on onetrippass.com



Significant Objects

I'm really excited to say that my story is up over at Significant Objects.  I don't want to blow it all here so check out the LINK.



Modern Explorers

When I was a kid, there were three main lego ships I remember making a lot. A couple of weeks ago I spent a lonely Friday night trying to put them together like I remembered them.

First up is "7-UP PILOT". This ship doesn't have any firepower but is really fast. The wings move a littel bit and yeah, for some reason it's branded with the 7-UP colors right down to the red dot.

Next is "Hyper Gold". This ship was supposed to be made with some super advanced technology from the past.  It has decent firepower, can bend space/time, and never needs fuel. Looks a little like an x-wing.

Last is the "Blue Spacer". This one is sort of clunky and even has wheels. Of all three ships it was the safest to fly in and had the best blasters. The pilot of this ship was an outcast. Also looks like an x-wing.

So those are the classic ships, they look different from when I used to build them but overall they're pretty true to my originals. The faces of the pilots are new though, not sure when the family got them. Did anyone else have ships they built over and over again?




A while ago I wrote a story/made props for a dogpiling, candle lighting, synth playing scene that took place in Mid-Michigan during the late 80's. It takes 10 minutes to read but I swear to you that it may be worth it. Valeria and I also made some songs for the fake bands.  Read the story here, and just in case you don't see the link in the story for the myspace page- www.myspace.com/dogpilecompilation.

The breaking news is that a few hours ago I printed about 10 pink/black JENNY JENNY shirts with my friend Sean from Streamline Butterfly. More on this tomorrow with pictures and everything.  The official story of course is that I found a box of these vintage shirts at an estate sale in Saginaw, Michigan.
Moving to Boston tomorrow, sort of a big day.

I'm now in Boston.  Below is a picture of the Jenny Jenny shirt featuring a cycloptic Madonna, and a print signed by all members of the band.  If you want a shirt or a poster let me know!


More Design Fancy

The second installment of Design Fancy is up over at Core77. This time the story is about Kurt Manchild and his theories on dreaming. This one was a lot of fun to do- A new toyline, new NES game, new NES controller, a couple of books...The plan is for these to be out every three weeks, so there's a lot more to come. I don't want to get all cheesy, but I'd really like to thank the humans over there at Core for letting me do this.


Reading Situations

Who says there's nothing cool in Midland, MI?  I found these books at an antique store and I've really been getting into them.  Monsters In The Sky and Fundamentals of Mass Transfer have great covers, and I appreciate them for that.  The other two- Bear! and Communication Between Man and Dolphin I have another plan for.  I want to take pictures of people reading them at airports, getting some reactions from people sitting near them.  Maybe there would be no reaction but personally, I would love it if the lady sitting across from me was reading Bear!



Design Fancy for Core77

I'm going to start writing a new series for Core77 called Design Fancy.  They'll probably be up bi-monthly.  Each one is going to feature a fictional Designer and some artifacts of what they designed.  I've been a fan of Core since I started off at Kendall in Grand Rapids so I'm really excited for this...Hopefully people can get something out of it!  It's also nice because it will force me to keep on doing projects.  To the 20 people who read this blog- I'm sorry that there haven't been a lot of posts lately.  I was getting ready to move back to the US.  At this moment I'm in Midland, Michigan, the headquarters for Dow Chemical and home of the Tridge.



"The Collectors"

I found this earlier today on picturedoesnotbelong but couldn't find a credit for it.  Where is it from?  I wish that this was a scene from a movie- the four tall guys are aliens sent to earth to collect different objects.  The thing would be that there would be millions of these guys.  They're never violent- just annoying- always asking you for your shirt, or your shoe horn, or your ticket stubs.  They never get upset, they always just have this semi-stupid concerned look.  Eventually you'd just want to run away "give me a break!" and try to live your life without getting hassled.  



AJ Comics, 1992-1994

When I was in 5th and 6th grade my friends and I had a comic book company called AJ comics.  It was called AJ because the founder, Andy, had a mysterious best friend at another school named Jonathan.  We didn't meet Jonathan until 7th grade when we were all in junior high together.  Anyway, our teacher let us draw for an hour every day if we got our math done, so this is what we did with our time.  The comics themselves were normally 2 or 3 pages long and sold for a quarter.  We didn't have access to a copy machine most of the time so if a new issue came out with 4 copies, they were all done by hand!   There were actually a few competing comic book groups that we fought against- Eraser, Stick People, and the books "Super Street Cop" and "Return to the Gulf".  I don't have access to my whole collection right now, just some of the drawings that I did.  The last image in the AJ section is by Andy.  You might notice that some of the comics are taged with "Sinyo" or "Future comics" or "CC"- these are all subdivisions of AJ.


Below was one of our main competitors, notice that the comic is marked AJ but the letters appear side by side instead of stacked.



Cubic Pyrite Crystals- CPCs

Cubic Pyrite Crystals were what Picard referred to as "Borg stones".  These ones formed naturally in Spain, really amazing.  These images are from www.naturaltreasures.com




The GreyHandGang is a group of young toughs from New York.  Their blog has some really great images that they've collected from around the internet, a few of my favorites below.  www.greyhandgang.com