Apple Branding: The Pink Lady

The Pink Lady is a sweet Italian apple with equally sweet advertising. Apples are interesting- thousands of different varieties have been created over the years. If you plant a pink lady apple, you might get a different apple from that tree, that's why apple growers graft trees. Anyway, what we need is a well designed apple resource site- and other apple growers to brand their apples as well as the Pink Ladies are. Dolce.



  1. i am eating a pink lady apple while reading this post.

  2. Funny, i am from Australia but have never seen pink lady apples branded like that here.
    It's an interesting thought though - i'd never really thought of fruit and veg as 'brands' as such, but i suppose once you contemplate it, there are a whole lot of decisions to be made in the fresh produce aisles. Political stuff about where fruit is from (turkish apricots or californian?). Organic vs standard. Local vs imported (carbon footprint, anyone? some fossil fuels with your asparagus, sir?).
    I'd love to discuss this further...