Macelleria Calcagno

Pictured above: Some nice Speck, Salsiccia, and some Ciccioli bought from the best place for meat in Genova, Macelleria Calcagno. For the last year and a half Speck has been my favorite sliced meat- it has that sweet juniper aroma and is great on sandwiches and of course pizza. Put it on after the pizza is cooked, though. The Salsiccia at this place is really the reason we go. We've tried the Fennel, the Truffle, and this one- the "plain". All of them are great although I love the Fennel the most. We would get it every time but it seems like they are always sold out. Ciccioli are like high quality pork rinds. Hard to say how good they are and yeah you feel bad after eating them (can't be healthy), but they're just so good. A close up of the Ciccioli below...


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