Some of my best finds

These are some of my favorite found items that I've collected over the years. You can really get a glimpse at the human condition by collecting things like this. Although I haven't sent them in, a great place to find more of this is the Michigan based FOUND Magazine.  Click on the images to get a better view...

Left to right: "Lucky lotto slips, good luck to who ever finds them.  I won too much money so now there yours.  God bless and good luck"  I found these outside of a 7-11 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I played the slips and didn't win anything. Next, "How do I love you in my own lil way?  Cuz, I know how I feel about a person when thurr's trust, communication, and respect"- Couldn't have said it better myself!  Next, either a Father's day or Mother's day card that says "No one could have raised this family better"- found inside the sleeve of a Breakfast at Tiffany's LP.
"The Neverending Story We're all Part of..." and a Drawing of an Eagle found on the railroad tracks in Lansing, Michigan.
A list of band names: "Fatback Band, Royz Royce, Con Funk Shun, Catch The Beat, Keith Sweat, Ludacris" and a scene from pacman.


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