AJ Comics, 1992-1994

When I was in 5th and 6th grade my friends and I had a comic book company called AJ comics.  It was called AJ because the founder, Andy, had a mysterious best friend at another school named Jonathan.  We didn't meet Jonathan until 7th grade when we were all in junior high together.  Anyway, our teacher let us draw for an hour every day if we got our math done, so this is what we did with our time.  The comics themselves were normally 2 or 3 pages long and sold for a quarter.  We didn't have access to a copy machine most of the time so if a new issue came out with 4 copies, they were all done by hand!   There were actually a few competing comic book groups that we fought against- Eraser, Stick People, and the books "Super Street Cop" and "Return to the Gulf".  I don't have access to my whole collection right now, just some of the drawings that I did.  The last image in the AJ section is by Andy.  You might notice that some of the comics are taged with "Sinyo" or "Future comics" or "CC"- these are all subdivisions of AJ.


Below was one of our main competitors, notice that the comic is marked AJ but the letters appear side by side instead of stacked.



  1. I am so into this.

    my cousin and i used to draw witches. not like that harry potter stuff, more like roald dahl witches

  2. Super Street Cop drives a Subaru Forester?! Who was that guy trying to kid?! And you call this guy competition?! Puh-leeeze!