Design Fancy for Core77

I'm going to start writing a new series for Core77 called Design Fancy.  They'll probably be up bi-monthly.  Each one is going to feature a fictional Designer and some artifacts of what they designed.  I've been a fan of Core since I started off at Kendall in Grand Rapids so I'm really excited for this...Hopefully people can get something out of it!  It's also nice because it will force me to keep on doing projects.  To the 20 people who read this blog- I'm sorry that there haven't been a lot of posts lately.  I was getting ready to move back to the US.  At this moment I'm in Midland, Michigan, the headquarters for Dow Chemical and home of the Tridge.



  1. hello.
    This is the best. The best!

    I love your inventions. My inspiration has gone missing lately but has been refound. Thank you.

    Your work reminds me of chindogu, the "unuseless" japanese inventions but funnier and real-seeming. I want to make the cat-drawing food bowl. If only I had a cat.

  2. You have inspired me so much, lately, Matt. I plan on following your Design Fancy stuff on Core 77 (love Core 77!).

    I wrote about you:


  3. I have just discovered this work and think it is brilliant. Especially when planted in the middle of the hardcore77 industrial design field.
    I only wish you wouldn’t take Carlo Heckman’s credit in the future.

    And please don’t tell anyone, but I actually managed to look for the stick guide in both Amazon AND eBay, before I got to the end of the core77 post.

  4. So how many people read your blog now, after the design fancy got published? :)

    Also very very very nice projects. I am a 3. semester industrial designer student, and currently making a speedboatthingcruizer project and I am not at all happy about it. Every hour I take a break from the workshop to lure your blog/site and replenish my mind with something I like and actually find inspiring. yay, great stuff!