A while ago I wrote a story/made props for a dogpiling, candle lighting, synth playing scene that took place in Mid-Michigan during the late 80's. It takes 10 minutes to read but I swear to you that it may be worth it. Valeria and I also made some songs for the fake bands.  Read the story here, and just in case you don't see the link in the story for the myspace page- www.myspace.com/dogpilecompilation.

The breaking news is that a few hours ago I printed about 10 pink/black JENNY JENNY shirts with my friend Sean from Streamline Butterfly. More on this tomorrow with pictures and everything.  The official story of course is that I found a box of these vintage shirts at an estate sale in Saginaw, Michigan.
Moving to Boston tomorrow, sort of a big day.

I'm now in Boston.  Below is a picture of the Jenny Jenny shirt featuring a cycloptic Madonna, and a print signed by all members of the band.  If you want a shirt or a poster let me know!



  1. i want a tshirt as well.
    i will be in boston next week for few days :)

  2. it think i need one--- not just one want. it fits, don't you think?