Modern Explorers

When I was a kid, there were three main lego ships I remember making a lot. A couple of weeks ago I spent a lonely Friday night trying to put them together like I remembered them.

First up is "7-UP PILOT". This ship doesn't have any firepower but is really fast. The wings move a littel bit and yeah, for some reason it's branded with the 7-UP colors right down to the red dot.

Next is "Hyper Gold". This ship was supposed to be made with some super advanced technology from the past.  It has decent firepower, can bend space/time, and never needs fuel. Looks a little like an x-wing.

Last is the "Blue Spacer". This one is sort of clunky and even has wheels. Of all three ships it was the safest to fly in and had the best blasters. The pilot of this ship was an outcast. Also looks like an x-wing.

So those are the classic ships, they look different from when I used to build them but overall they're pretty true to my originals. The faces of the pilots are new though, not sure when the family got them. Did anyone else have ships they built over and over again?


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  1. I always used to build spaceships with my cousin Andy when I travelled to San Diego, CA for the summer. (i'm from Scotland). Like you, I have a vague recollection of what we used to make, but man, this post has made me want to go back and figure them out. I'll have to wait til I'm back in SD though, team up with Andy again!