The Balloon wars of Boston

For years there's been a secret, unspeakable war in the Greater Boston area. It has everything to do with balloons. In the 1960's balloons got popular in Somerville and Medford as the kids would buy them, blow them up, and pop them to try and scare older people and animals. This tradition is still going strong today. One store bucked the trend, and invented balloons that wouldn't make a loud sound when popped. The place was called LORD'S BALLOON DESIGNER (seen below). Kids would go here for their balloons if their parents wouldn't let them have the loud ones. The kids would carry them around like everyone else- they just wouldn't try to scare anyone.
On the other side of the coin is 666-RENT, or TAYLOR RENTAL. These guys made the loudest balloons in town. They were called "rippers", or "boompops".
Finally there was BALLOON BOSS. In the 60's this place was famous for their large sized rippers, but now mostly specialize in small, easy to inflate balloons. These "pocket rippers" are the most popular balloons out there right now. Much more coming on this soon- pictures of the balloons, everything. Just wanted to get you guys in on this. More soon.



  1. The noise of a bopping balloon is just like a Tuesday morning for me... and I miss it.

  2. are these shopz for real?