Design Culinaire

I need to get some pics up of the actual book in my hands, but Design Culinaire is out and has some of my Food project inside of it.  It's all in French, but has a ton of cool projects.  You can get it here.


Design Fancy part 6 coming soon

Right now I'm writing the new Design Fancy for Core.  I'm really late on this one so I'm trying to make it good- last time I tried to get the story to fit into a theme a little bit more and had a good time doing it.  Hoping for the same sort of thing this time.  If you have any little details you want me to throw in, let me know.

Pictures from the last one-


Cheap Synth sketch

I want to make some cheap synths, like the Korg Monotron.  This is a quick sketch of the first one I'm thinking about.  You push the button on the back and the hood lifts up and down- like a physical wah pedal. The hood would have to be pretty light weight.  This thing would sell for like $39.99...There would be about 8 in the series, each one with a little twist to it- a little personality in both the functionality and the colors.